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"In our restaurant we are passionate about our country, our sea coast and the portuguese good traditions"

There is any better portuguese tradition than being seated at a table in a beerhouse or a seafood restaurant in a good company to the sound of a good conversation? We didn’t want to let this tradition die and then, we joined the best seafood and flavours of our portuguese kitchen in a modern and comfortable space. To order, the classic prego and a cold beer, please!

Verde Mar is a seafood restaurant and a beerhouse and we only serve the best seafood from our coast (not only) has to offer according to the season and the catch of the day. Here, You can find a big selection of seafood from the sea to the table everyday (kg), fresh fish, rices, cataplanas or if you prefer, a good steak and the classic “bitoque”. During the afternoon or after work, invite your friends for a snack. We have a menu plenty of snacks and small dishes.

Don’t forget this one: at Wednesdays and Saturdays we have a specialty! In-house roasted suckling pig! Also available to take-away.
Welcome to Verde Mar and enjoy!


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Monday to Sunday 12:00am to 12:00pm

Alameda das Linhas de Torres 68 A/B, 1750-147 Lisboa
(Junto ao Campo Grande)

  (+351) 210 965 296   ||       (+351) 910 169 373